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Sunday, February 14, 2016


The rhythm for each beat:


can be counted "One, before and after, Two, before and after," etc, with the accents being for the LH triplets and the "be", "and" & "ter" showing that the RH comes before, in the middle of, and after these LH notes.

Think of the "before" as a crushed note in the RH before the main note in the LH and "after" as the reverse. It works because the words "before" and "after" not only describe the placing of the RH notes relative to the main triplet rhythm, but also give the correct rhythmic sound.

Do this for slow 4 against 3. Make sure the beginnings of each beat coincide.
For fast playing, just concentrate on the beats coinciding.

For 3 against 4, (LH 4 being the main rhythm), you can count "One, after, and, before; ...".

For 3 against 2, say "One, the middle; two the middle; ..."

For 2 against 3, say "One, in between; two in between; ..."

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